Qualifying Members received cash deposits just in time for Christmas


Tyndall Federal Credit Union returned 14 million of profits back to its members. The payout was given to more than 70,000 qualifying members and deposited directly into their savings accounts. Individual amounts were calculated based on participation with the credit union and ranged from $70 to $420.

Tyndall has returned more than $40 million back to its members as profit-sharing and storm aid over the last five years. 41% more people received a Tyndall profit share in 2022 versus 2021. “We’re able to deliver value year after year because we don’t waste our members’ money,” said Jim Warren, President and CEO.“ Instead of charging excess fees, and exorbitant rates, our team is able to do this by keeping operating costs down, investing in digital channels and focusing on our member’s needs.”

On January 1st, Tyndall began waiving more than 15 fees -- including monthly service charges, minimum balance fees, money market fees, non-sufficient funds and ATM fees. The credit union’s support for the community also includes disbursing nearly $150,000 in community grants and offering its staff 4,000 hours of community volunteer service.


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