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Credit/Debit Card Disputes

Do you have an unauthorized transaction(s) on your debit or credit card?  Here is what to do.

If the activity is fraudulent and was not something you (or an authorized person) initiated or authorized:

  • If you receive a fraud notification, please follow the prompts to ensure your card is blocked and prevent any additional authorizations.
  • To request a new card, please click here
  • Call us at 850-769-9999 or 888-896-3255 to block your card and reorder a new one. During regular business hours you will speak with our Contact Center staff, and after hours we have an automated service to assist you. 
  •  Card blocking services are available 24/7, while new card requests can be made during regular business hours.
  • Once the fraudulent transaction is posted, you can then file a fraud claim.  If you need additional assistance, you can reach out to our Contact Center or schedule a call back

Disputes can be filed for transactions you or an authorized user made, however, there are some steps you will need to take beforehand:

  • Contact the merchant to try to resolve.
  • Keep copies of all correspondence, including phone records in the case the merchant does not resolve the situation for you.
  •  If it is necessary to file a dispute, please gather documentation for the claim before calling us.
  • The following are most common types of disputes and what you can expect:
    • An Item you received: First, attempt to return the item.  Items returned to a merchant should include a tracking number, shipping company name, date of return and the address where the package was sent.
    • Recurring billing or a subscription service, if the service has not been canceled according to your agreement with the merchant, you will need to cancel the service.  You should have protection rights for any authorizations occurring after the cancellation, unless the authorizations are final settlement of your agreement. When you cancel, document the date/time of cancellation, the cancellation number and details of how you canceled, or keep your cancellation confirmation message from the merchant.
    •  Double-billing or incorrect amounts: provide your receipt. 
    • Non-receipt of merchandise or services: if the order is not received by the expected date in your order, then you must contact the merchant before filing the claim with us.  If a date is not specified, you must wait 15 days after the order date before filing a dispute.
    •  A refund not being posted to your account, you must provide the refund receipt for your claim.  Without the receipt, we cannot file a claim on your behalf.

Have a question or need help? We are here for you. 

We have multiple easy and convenient ways you can reach us.