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Club Account

Start setting goals today!

Use a Tyndall Club Account to set and achieve goals

Whether it is an emergency fund account, a down payment for a future home loan, or an account to start saving for Christmas early, a Tyndall club account gives you the ability to save for a specific purpose all in one place.

With a Tyndall club account, you can set up an amount to be deposited directly from a paycheck or checking account. You can set it up as an automatic transfer through Online Banking.

Once you open a Tyndall club account and see how easy it is to start saving for one goal, you may even decide to open a separate club account for each of your savings goals. Then, you can log into Online Banking and create a nickname for each account - computer, vacation, gifts, etc. (the nicknames do not appear on your statements, but they will show in Online Banking). That way, you can see your various savings account balances at a glance and keep track of your progress more easily.

Check out the features of a Tyndall club account

  • A secondary savings account without opening a new membership account
  • Available to any member
  • Easily manage all of your accounts under one membership

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