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Money Market Account

Create a backup today!

Build your financial cushion for whatever comes your way

Having money set aside for planned and unplanned expenses can give you peace of mind. A Tyndall Money Market Account is the perfect account to start saving for the future. You'll earn interest and your funds will be kept separate. With a low minimum to open requirement and low minimum balance requirement, money markets are easy to set up and maintain. Plus they can be used as overdraft protection if you find yourself in a bind.

Check out the features of a Tyndall Money Market Account

  • Minimum to open and earn Annual Percentage Yield (APY): $1,000 competitive dividend rate (minimum balance required)
  • No minimum balance is required to keep the account open, which makes it easier if you have an emergency and need to use the funds
  • Deposit to it as often as you want to; great for building your financial cushion

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