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Overdraft Protection

Protect yourself and your account.

Mistakes happen, but with Tyndall, you have options

You can set up Overdraft Protection using either an account, loan, or a combination of sources. Once set up, if you overdraw the account and have the necessary overdrafts funds available, we will automatically transfer the funds to cover overdraft.

You have three options:

  1. Link to a Regular Share or Money Market Account under the same member number (Governmental Regulation D restrictions will apply).
  2. Link to your Tyndall Credit Card or Line of Credit. Interest on the amount advanced accrues as of the date of the advance.
  3. Link to a combination of the Tyndall accounts or loans shown above. The sources of Overdraft Protection are accessed in the order of your choice. You may use up to two accounts and one loan as Overdraft Protection sources.

Check out the features of Overdraft

  • No fees
  • Eliminates “bounced check” embarrassment
  • Protects you from high rates

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