You and the safety of your account are our main priorities. That is why we find it important to share prevalent schemes with you to be on the lookout for. 

A current fraud scheme comes across as a way to make "easy money". It's important to remember, If it is too good to be true, then this should be a red flag. There is rarely ever free or easy money.

The fraudsters are advertising on different platforms, Facebook, Snap Chat etc., stating if you bank at specific financial institutions they can get you free money.  The fraudsters then list different financial institutions.
The member contacts these people and the fraudster convinces them to hand over their debit card and pin number with an agreement for the kickback.
The fraudsters then deposit a fraudulent check into the member's accounts and take out the money through various ATMs, digital apps, large retail, grocery, department stores, and more because they still have the member's card.
They never give the member their card back nor do they receive the promised free money. Which is now stolen money. 


It is extremely important to be aware of current fraud schemes. If you feel like something doesn't seem right, please reach out and ask your financial institution. Feel free to call the contact center at 850-769-9999 and check. 


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