The holiday season is in full swing.  Christmas lists are filling up and shoppers are ready to find great deals on days like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Amid the excitement, we want to remind our members to make the most of their shopping experiences and keep their accounts safe.

Shop, earn, repeat.

As a Tyndall member, shopping this Black Friday using your Tyndall Debit or Credit card means you can earn up to 2%* cashback on every purchase you make.  Purchases made with your Tyndall card can also help protect your accounts from fraud.  Remember to avoid using public networks when entering sensitive information.

Avoid Fraud

Black Friday deals can attract many budget-minded shoppers to stray from their typical retailers. These attractive deals can be luring you to fake websites selling counterfeit products and could compromise your personal information.  Phishing emails with unsolicited Black Friday deals can appear in your inbox and clicking on the malicious links could result in malware on devices putting your cyber security at risk.

Fraud alerts from Tyndall.

Tyndall will contact you via text, email, or phone call if we suspect fraudulent activity on your account.  We will never ask you to click a link or enter credentials.  When in doubt over the validity of a fraud communication, verify by contacting Tyndall directly or by scheduling a call back before you give away any personal data.  Regularly check your bank and credit card statements by logging into online banking to check for any unauthorized transactions.  If you do find a fraudulent transaction, fill out the form in Online Banking under “Card Dispute – Fraud” then use the form in Online Banking under "Debit/Credit Card Request" to order a new card.  If something happens to your card after-hours, you can contact VISA 24/7 at 1-800-VISA911.

We want this season to remain joyous for our members.  Give yourself the gift of experiencing the hustle and bustle of shopping for friends and family with the peace of mind knowing your accounts are protected.


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