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Time to simplify your life

E-Statements are a FREE, safe, convenient way to view, print and download your Tyndall account statements, credit card statements, notices and more.

Want to see your monthly spending history? Need to find a charge from months ago? E-Statements are a free service where your monthly statements are delivered right to your inbox. They are automatically formatted to the type of electronic device you are using so they are easy to read from a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

E-Statements are available by logging onto Online Banking and selecting "Accounts" then "e-Statements." Online banking is available 24/7.

When you enroll in e-Statements, you will receive your Tyndall account notices and tax forms electronically as well. To let you know you have a new statement, notice or tax form posted within Online Banking, you will receive an email notification that the e-Statement is available.

Enrolling in e-Statements is easy!

  1. Simply log into your account through Online Banking and click on "Accounts" then "e-Statements."
  2. Under the "Enrollment" tab, select "Electronic."
  3. Click on the e-Statements Agreement link to review the Agreement. Make note of the Security Verification Code shown at the bottom of the Agreement; then return to the e-Statement Enrollment screen and enter the Code where indicated.
  4. The code must be entered as shown, in ALL CAPS
  5. Select "I Agree." That's all it takes.

Check out the features of e-Statements

  • No fee for e-statements
  • Only you can access your statements with your login
  • They are easy to see and access at any time from your online banking
  • Monthly email notice when the statement is available