Summer is a season filled with opportunities for making lasting memories. As our members plan their vacations and prepare for back-to-school shopping, Tyndall is providing an opportunity to combine these activities with a Summer Giveback Cashback.  

As a not-for-profit, Tyndall Federal Credit Union believes in sharing the benefits of our success with those who matter most—YOU.

How to earn during the Giveback Cashback

Members can earn Cash Back by using their Tyndall debit card and Bill Pay from June 1 through July 31.  There are 5 ways you can qualify to earn a profit share and if you meet them all, you can earn up to $300 or more.* Plus, 10 lucky members could qualify for up to an additional $500!* 

Bill Pay:

Enroll in or utilize Tyndall Bill Pay to earn $5 per bill pay (up to 20) during June and July.  With Tyndall Bill Pay, you can conveniently consolidate all bills into one secure online platform, schedule recurring transactions, and receive reminders about upcoming due dates. This simplification not only saves you time but also ensures that your bills are paid accurately and promptly. 

Open or Upgrade to a Tyndall First Spend & Save Account and add Bill Pay:

By opening or upgrading to our online-only Tyndall First Spend and Save account and using bill pay, you will earn $100.  Tyndall First Spend and Save accounts offer automatic round-ups so you have the opportunity benefit from your spending habits by earning and saving.

Debit Cards:

Whether you're shopping for groceries, booking hotels, or filling up your gas tank, every swipe brings you closer to accumulating cashback rewards. This means that the more you use your debit card, the more you'll earn back—a win-win situation for your wallet. 

  • 1% Cashback: Simply use your Tyndall debit card for purchases and earn up to 1% cashback on eligible transactions during June and July 2023.
  •  2% Cashback: Tyndall First Spend and Save accounts earn an enhanced cashback rate during June and July 2023.  


Tyndall understands the challenges of managing monthly expenses. Members who make at least one bill payment through Bill Pay, will automatically be entered for a chance to win their monthly bill payments to be paid up to $500, as a Giveback deposit. NO PURCHASE REQUIRED: Sweepstakes Rules.

While the Summer Giveback Cashback aligns perfectly with the season of vacations and back-to-school shopping, its impact extends far beyond these few months. By encouraging our members to use financial services such as Bill Pay, the success of the giveback program reinforces our commitment to our members' financial well-being.

This summer, as you embark on exciting adventures and prepare for the upcoming school year, remember to embrace the opportunity to give back.

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