As hurricane season approaches, it's important to take proactive steps to be prepared for any potential storms that may come our way.  From securing your property to ensuring you have the necessary funds in place for emergency expenses, being prepared is key to weathering the storm.  Here are some essential tips on how to prepare for hurricane season:

Shop Tax-Free
For Florida, the tax holiday will run from June 1 to June 14 and a second exemption period will begin Saturday, August 24 and extend through Friday, September 6.  A Tyndall HELOC could be a helpful way to pay for big-ticket items that may be needed during this time.  From supplies to paying for hotels if you need to evacuate, a HELOC allows you to borrow against the equity in your home, giving you access to a line of credit that you can use for a variety of expenses, including hurricane preparedness.

Supplies to Keep on Hand 

  • First Aid Kit: Include bandages, antiseptics, medications, and any prescription drugs.
  • Flashlights, Batteries, and Candles: Power outages are common, so having multiple light sources will be helpful in a dark house.
  • Radio: A battery-powered or hand-crank radio can keep you informed during and after the storm.
  • Shelf-stable Food and Water: It may be difficult to get to a grocery store and clean water may be unavailable.

Remember, preparation is not just about having supplies but also about having a plan and staying informed.

Secure Your Finances
Ensuring your finances are prepared can help you weather the storm more effectively and recover more quickly.  This includes reviewing your insurance, document your assets, and setting up automatic payments. In addition to stocking up on supplies, it's also important to prepare your finances for a potential disaster. You can read our previous blog for additional information.

Stay Informed
Follow trusted weather sources such as the National Hurricane Center to stay up-to-date with relevant news and alerts during hurricane season.  By remaining informed, you can make timely decisions about evacuations, securing property, and gathering essential supplies.  If you do need to evacuate, you can access your Tyndall account via Online or Mobile Banking anytime, anywhere.  You also have access to over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs.

Whether this is your first hurricane season or you have been through this before, taking a proactive approach to preparing can help provide peace of mind when a storm does approach. 

Tyndall Services to Utilize During a Storm